Friday, February 24, 2017

Do You See What I See?

When you look at the abstract painting, what do you see, feel and hear? Do you see faces, places, or items? Do you feel happiness, sadness or spiritual energy? Do you hear classical music or rock and roll? Abstract art is open to interpretation. And your art experience is unique to you, it's personal. Artists express their feelings and thoughts through their art and by hanging their art in your home, you, in turn, express yourself. 

My abstract paintings below are open to your interpretations. They were created on back stapled gallery wrapped canvases using my Unique Acrylic Pouring Technique™. This technique comes to life when the acrylic paint is mixed with water and, literally, poured onto the canvas, creating free-flowing shapes and forms.


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  2. Abstract art is always thought provoking. I am a huge fan of abstract art. Your pictures are surely a reflection of your creativity and your thoughts. I really liked them.

  3. Thank you so much for your comments! :-)