Saturday, December 8, 2018

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide - One With Nature

This post showcases unique, but affordable handmade items designed by independent artists on Etsy. If you're looking for a handmade gift this Holiday Season, these finds are the perfect gifts!

This Etsy shop (OrWaDesigns) has a lot of custom made Mid Century Style furniture! 100% handcrafted in tiny Toledo, WA!

These amazing wooden aviator sunglasses are suitable for both – women and men. Made from few types of wood by layering. (PaulVenStore)

This cozy alpaca wool and acrylic handwoven blanket will keep you warm in a cold winter night! Once you try it, you will not be able to sleep without it! (ArtAndina)

If you have redecorating plans, check out this gorgeous two-piece art print set! These prints bring the beauty of nature into your home! (hjmartgallery)

Truly unique handmade find from happylittlegems! This lovely sterling silver necklace holds a natural piece of baltic amber with what appears to be a dance fly!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Black Cats of Halloween

Do you believe that black cats crossing a person's path from right to left brings bad luck? "Most of Europe considers the black cat a symbol of bad luck, particularly if one walks across the path in front of a person" (wikipedia) As a child, I heard many stories about black cats, their relation to witchcraft and bad luck. Many children stories feature black cats as villains. 

But in other parts of the world, black cats are considered good luck. "Black cats are also considered good luck in (some) parts of Britain and Japan. Furthermore, it is believed that a lady who owns a black cat will have many suitors." (wikipedia)

Whatever your stand is on this issue, one thing is certain: black cats are magnificent feline creatures and like all cats deserve to be admired and respected simply by virtue of being cats. 

Monday, July 30, 2018

Nautical Themed Kids Room or Nursery Wall Art Ideas

Are you looking for a coastal, nautical themed nursery or kids room decor? Try original, one of a kind art! By incorporating an original painting or other unique wall decor, you will make your kids room look and feel super special! My original art is fun and affordable! In this blog post, you will find my latest original art in a blue color palette, which is perfect for boys nursery or room decor!

To purchase, please visit my "Children's Art" section.

 The Adventurer


Nautical Room Example