Sunday, July 19, 2015

Color Inspired Happy Thoughts!

It has been a while since I worked in my Unique Acrylic Pouring Technique™. But with this new collection of pouring paintings, I am going back to my original pouring technique. Watch my YouTube Video demonstration created in 2007. It is so hard to believe that my first pouring painting was created in 1988! Time truly flies!

I came up with the term "Unique Acrylic Pouring Technique™", which simply means Pouring Acrylic Paint onto a canvas rather than using a brush. My definition of my technique reads as follows: this technique comes to life when the acrylic paint is mixed with water and, literally, poured onto the canvas, creating free-flowing shapes and forms.

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[HJM Art Gallery]:

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  1. I'm surprised Happy Thoughts has not brought more encouraging comments. As yellow is the color for this abstract and you have pushed it to the limit. Kudos.