Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Quick etsy tip for sellers

 Dog Art Blocks

My New Set of 4 Dog Art Blocks, Wooden Wall Decor

Hello everyone! Happy New Year! I have decided to resurrect my etsy tips for sellers. Small tips that can make a difference. I am a seller since 2008 and have learned a few things since that time. These tips are based on my personal experiences as an art seller and are not the "official" etsy guidelines of any kind. I welcome your replies and discussions after each tip. Sharing your tips are also welcome!

2015 TIP #1: Making prints from original paintings

Hang your original art on the wall and take a high res pics, then adjust the images in photo-editing application. No need for an expensive scanner or third party services. Invest in lighting if you take pics indoors, or just take it outdoors making sure there are no reflections. Investing in a good camera, professional printer and tripot is a plus.


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