Monday, August 18, 2014

Why do people buy art?

My new art: “The Opposites” and “The Big Dipper”

 The big dipper

I was recently asking myself one interesting question: Why do people buy art? What are they looking for when choosing an artwork for their homes and offices? Art is a very personal thing for both an artist and a buyer. As an artist, I put my heart and soul into every painting I create and when my passion is met with buyer's love of my art there is a match, there is a purchase. 

Most of the time people buy my art because they love my style of painting and a subject matter. My style is unique and my subject matter is nature: tree of life, love birds, animals and gardens. My art collectors also often comment on my use of colors and texture. I use vivid, colorful color palette. 

In other words, people like what they SEE and can identify with a subject matter. Art is so visual in nature that I often think that searching for art on the web using keywords is a strange and counter-intuitive thing to do. Most people, including myself, wouldn't even know what to search for. Maybe colors? Maybe size? My point is that we need to SEE art!

People buy art to decorate their homes and offices and the artwork's colors and style are very important in this situation. Paintings and prints are part of the overall feel and look of the interior design. Artists like myself love to create custom artwork for interior decorators and designers.

Art collectors buy art as an investment and many people buy art as gifts.

Why do you buy art? I am very interested to know. Please share it with us.

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  1. This is a good question!...But I'm not sure my answer is gonna help you much, because I buy art for all kinds of reasons!!! I guess mostly it's because of the way it makes me feel! I say that because I've bought abstract art, cartoonist art, portraits, and scenery...all because they evoked a memory of my past, or a feel-good feeling! :-] But I've also bought artwork that had a certain color theme for a corner of my house. And I've purchased artwork as gifts for people having babies or moving into their new home...I also once bought a portrait of a beautiful leopard because of the painter, and knowing the artwork would be a good investment eventually. As it was, it didn't fit anywhere in my house. So, I ended up selling it about a month a profit. :-)) If I had held on to it I would've made a whole lot more just a year later! O_O ugh!...So there you go!...I hope it was helpful! ^_^

  2. PoetessWug! Thank you so much for your reply! This is very interesting as I thought one person would only buy art for one reason and it seems like at different times, people can buy it for different reasons. It also interesting that you bought different styles art too.

  3. Wonderful question!
    I buy art because I like to surround myself with beautiful work, something that is handmade and creative. It it draws me in I buy it. I made art as a gift to make people stop and think and appreciate that time somebody put into creating the sketch, drawing, illustration, painting, etc...
    When I buy art I feel special and and want to celebrate the thoughts that somebody put into creating a wonderful piece.

  4. lorenabr, I am so totally agree with you!