Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Whimsical Art Demystified

I am describing my art as "whimsical art". But what the term "whimsical" really means? According to the dictionary, it "1. characterized by imagination and whimsy--fanciful; 2. playful or odd, especially in an endearing way; 3. unpredictable." 

"Whimsical is formed from the archaic word whim-wham, which was a frivolous kind of knickknack, usually bought on an impulse. The related noun whim refers to an impulse. Whimsical is often a compliment used to describe a person who is carefree and makes decisions on impulse....." Whimsical is also synonymous with capricious.

Artists and art academia use the term "whimsical art" to describe works of art that are fun, fanciful, playful, colorful, vibrant, engaging, eclectic, ornamental and imaginative. The art often has a child-like quality to it and primary color palette is often dominant.

I like to think about my whimsical art as a "surreal art" with the playful, colorful overtones. Whimsical artists are depicting the world through their imagination and their artwork can take the viewer to the unexpected, imaginary places.

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  1. Great piece of artworks you have displayed in this post. Very creative and very innovative artworks. Keep Sharing.