Friday, March 28, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt - Etsy Finds

In this post I am sharing my fantastic Easter Eggs finds from my fellow Etsy sellers. Take a look at these original, creative ideas!

Love these birch bark eggs, love their very unusual rustic look! Beautiful, spring home decorating idea!

This birds nest Soap should be on everyone's wish list! Made from natural moisturizing shea butter soap and mild exfoliating of natural fruit fiber speckles.

Beautiful hand painted Easter Eggs! The eggs are decorated using a wax pinhead, which is the oldest and most widely used technique.


What an original idea! Chalkboard painted Easter Egg inside a hand-stamped muslin storage bag with chalk. Be creative: write, erase, repeat! Have fun!

I just couldn't resist these adorable egg hunters!

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  1. Lovely!