Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's all about the cats!

I LOVE cats! Are you? I am sure I was a cat in my previous life. I can totally relate to and understand these super cute, adorable creatures as do many other people around the world. So what exactly makes cats so irresistible and special?

I really like the answer given in this yahoo article by David Jenkins: "Cats have beauty and grace. So have dogs and horses. Pet cats are soft to touch. So are rabbits. Cats are easy to care for. So are birds and turtles and goldfish. Kittens are cuddly. But so are puppies. Then what is so special about a cat? Here is the answer. A cat cannot be conquered. They can never be completely tamed... A cat cannot be bossed." Let me add, or completely understood. We adore cat's independence and grace. In a way, we all wish we were cats! (I hope dogs lovers will agree :-)

Grumpy Family

This is my one of a kind, original acrylic painting on canvas depicting a Grumpy Family: mommy, daddy and three kids. This fun, whimsical painting makes a very unique gift as well as provides a great topic of conversation.

I am Grumpy

This super cute Cat with cattitude is a high quality giclee print - a reproduction from my sold original painting.


This high quality giclee print is depicting a Cat with cattitude - a reproduction from my sold original painting.

This picture summarizes it all!

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