Thursday, June 27, 2013

Create peaceful space with Zen Art

After a long, busy and often stressful day we all want to come to a place that feels peaceful, calm and relaxing. My "Zen Garden" original acrylic painting on canvas, I just listed in my HJM Art Gallery shop on etsy, is designed to help you to create that special space.

The painting will not only make your room visually beautiful, but will also help you to make a place to restore, meditate and relax.

Art plays a big role in our lives and the ability of artwork to influence our mood is a very important function.

"Zen Garden" painting is a high quality artwork with soft calming colors and beautiful textures. I used my unique acrylic painting technique, which makes this artwork very unique and original.

Please visit my etsy listing for more information or to purchase: "Zen Garden"

Hope you enjoy my new painting! Happy summer!


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