Thursday, June 28, 2012

How To Have a Successful Sales Event

I would like to share with you some tips that will help you make your next sales event a success! While these tips are geared towards etsy sellers, they can be applicable to any other on-line business.

4th of July is around the corner, Christmas in July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc..... - all great opportunities for a sales event.

Here is what you can do on-line to increase your shop's visibility and promote your sale:

- join an etsy team where you can find information about the event you want to participate in (now you can join CIJ team on etsy) or read etsy forums for discussions about the topic.
- start letting people know ahead of time about your sale - very important!
- create a sale banner for your shop, so buyers can clearly see your discount or post an ad on your home page if it's an independent website.
- title and tag your items accordingly
- create a blog post about your sales event
- post your discount on your facebook page
- send out your newsletter announcing the sales event
- create treasuries promoting your sales event
- tweet about the event (and use any social media like pinterest, wanelo, stumbleupon etc. to increase your exposure)
- make YouTube video
- use etsyonsale app for quick discounts and tags editing
- cross-promote with your teammates
- use paid ads like facebook ads and adwords
- approach blogs you follow to feature your items/sale

These are some starting points and you don't have to do them all. If you have any other helpful tips, please share them in the comments below.

Happy Friday!


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