Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Art Will Make You Smile :-)

The biggest compliment I have ever received on my art, from my art collectors, were the words: "Your art makes me smile"! I heard this sentence many, many times, but every time I feel humble, yet proud that something that I create makes people happy!

I think my bright, colorful palette of pure colors is one of the reasons. Another is my subject matter: I love nature and this love shines through on my canvases. But, yet another, very important component of my art is "The Unique Personality" of my artworks. "The Personality" is really a style of painting, a way to express what I see and feel. And, finally, my technique.

I hope my art makes you smile as well :-) Check out more of my inspiring art here:

HJM Art Gallery on Etsy

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