Thursday, December 8, 2011

Unusual Christmas Gifts

I enjoy unusual finds. And this Holiday season you might know someone who may love to receive something strange and unusual as his/her Christmas gift. I put together this "Unusual Gift Guide" for someone special and adventurous in your life. :-)

These Prozac Chemistry Coffee Mugs really struck me with the clear and straightforward reference to our times. Trademark of our generation. As stated in the description, "call it what you will, for some of us, it's just as necessary as a morning cup of coffee!" Visit LLTownleyCeramic for more great gifts!

This is not your typical folded suit, but an upcycled suit tote bag! What an unusual idea! Check out more here: DandyFlorence

Love this pillow! and LOL! Check out more interesting and fun pillows at Alexandra Ferguson's shop.

Worry Wart Sculpture is a great gift for me and for everyone who is a worrier :-) Check out Blobhouse shop for more fun art sculptures!

Happy weekend!


  1. lol awesome finds, Love the suit tote bag

  2. I wish to receive unusual gifts...I am glad you share it.

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