Saturday, August 6, 2011

Double Sided Charm Art Pendant

Just would like to share with you my new etsy listing: Double Sided Charm Art Pendant which is featuring two giclee prints from my original art “Imagine” and "California Poppies". Very unique, original and very versatile! The pendant measures 34x24mm and comes with a SUPERB REAL Black Leather Oxhide Necklace with lobster claw clasps 18" to 20" adjustable. The giclee prints are protected by clear plastic film. Comes with beautiful gift box!

Etsy listing:

Happy weekend!
[HJM Art Gallery]:



  1. Beautiful pendant!
    As all your paintings; love, love them!

  2. These are gorgeous! I love your artwork!

  3. ioncik, CinLynn Boutique, thank you so very much :-)))

  4. Like your paintings your pendant are also good enough.If you show these pendants in some online art galleries,you will get good amount of money as well as fans of pendants.So whats your idea about this one??

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