Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's all about the choice!

It's all about the choice! I love variety in colors when it comes to products. We all have different preferences, likes and tastes. And this is really fantastic! Imagine everyone dressed the same way or everyone living in the identically decorated interiors..... very visually boring scenario.... Hopefully, this is not the case!

On this note, I now offer my best selling print "Wishes" (from my "Circles of Life" Series) in a few different colors to better match your existing interiors.

These beautiful swirling tree Art Giclee Prints are high quality reproductions from my sold original painting "Wishes." The original painting was created in turquoise/teal colors. The exact color reproduction of the original is always available in my shop. In my newest prints, the original turquoise color is digitally changed to purple and brown colors to give you more choice and variety. Custom prints can also be created in other colors upon request. Feel free to contact me any time via my etsy shop, e-mail or this blog post.

As always, all my prints are signed and dated by me on the back. Prints are available in the following sizes (some sizes upon request):

11"x14" listings:

To see my other beautiful original paintings and fine art prints, please visit my HJM Art Gallery shop: http://hjmart.etsy.com

Let me know what you think about this idea! I look forward to your comments!



  1. I think it is a brilliant idea! Would the buyer get to see a preview before they committed though? Colour changes can change the feel of a picture too. Maybe people could get a couple of different prints in the same colour palette.

  2. Pininkie, thank you so much for your comment! Yes. the buyer will see the preview of the print in his/her chosen color via etsy listing prior to purchasing the print. Just like any other etsy listing. When i do custom original paintings, I usually ask my art collectors to e-mail me the color scheme they would like me to use. I can do the same for the colors of these prints. Hope I answered your question :-)))

  3. I love the idea. I like both colors but think the brown will fit in nicely with lots of people's interior decor. BTW, I LOVE how you photograph your work - it's simiply amazing.

  4. Gorgeous color!!! What a great idea - I think it's very smart!!!

  5. stunning! I love all the colors!

  6. I love the print in all of the colors! I think that it is very pretty! I think I like in the shades of brown best.

  7. Wonderful color selections so match just about any decor! I love this print! ~Val

  8. Wow, what a stunning piece and I totally love the idea of custom colors! :)

  9. Thank you so very much everyone!!!! So happy you like it! Actually, it was suggested to me by my best etsy friend! She gave me some other suggestions as well, but I fell in love with the idea of custom colors right away. This is very inspirational to me and I hope this idea will inspire you to be creative with your etsy listings as well! :-))) Wishing you a wonderful wednesday! Helen

  10. Wow! I cannot pick which color I like the best- they are all so preeettyyy! Seems like a smart move to offer different color options. :)

  11. Great idea! But I like them all!