Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Craft Show Boutique:
Event California

Hello everyone! Happy Monday! HUGE thank you to everyone who attended the show yesterday! And HUGE thank you to the organizers of the show who made this fantastic event possible! I was very impressed with organizers' (Event California) attentiveness, great food they provided and all the advertising they put together!

This was my first show of this kind and I had a great experience participating! The atmosphere was very friendly! I met many etsy sellers from SF Etsy Street Team and got their cute little button and was happy to advertise etsy and their team.

The day started out a bit slow due to the cold and rainy weather outside, but picked up in the afternoon. I am very grateful for all the attention my table and my art received! ALL my business cards were gone and I met many wonderful people! I sold some prints, but no originals, which was expected due to the gifts-oriented nature of the show. Many people expressed interest in commissioning an original artwork and in checking out my website! So overall, I consider it a success for my first try out!

If you recently participated in an arts and crafts show, please share your experience by commenting on this article. I am very interested to hear it! Do you have any advice for my future shows? What made your show successful? Any tips? Where to promote it? etc.....

Thank you! Look forward to your comments!



  1. What a great photo of your table! As always, your art looks awesome. By the way, that little religious icon in the corner, do you have them listed in your shop?

    I participated in a few church bazaars earlier this month. I have another craft fair coming up in December. Here is my post about the past bazaars:

    As for advice, I like having clearly marked items. I hate forcing customers to ask about the price. It makes them feel sized up.

    Also, knowing your audience and area is helpful. I know that some items are not always appropriate for every type of show.

    I take notes about what customers are asking for in preparation for future similar shows.

    If you sell jewelry, having mirrors are helpful.

    Filler items or homemade candy or items for children are great to have on hand. As a mom, I know when I make a purchase, I like to include a little something for my kids to make them feel included or maybe a little bribe to let me look.

  2. Robin, thank you so much! I, actually, had some mint candies! LOl! People loved it! And some sellers said they will do the same for their next shows..... I will read your post later today, for sure!.... And no, i don't have the icon listed on etsy, but if you are interested, let me know and will give you the info and price :-)

  3. Oh how I wish I could have been there to see all your art in person but I live too far away :(

    I think your display looks great. I love the dimension you created with some pieces standing up and some spread out on the table. The candies are a great touch that I never would have thought of.

    I've never had a show of my own but I've helped a few friends out at various craft/trade shows and I noticed they advertise them on local buy and sell websites and garage sale message boards. I'm not sure how many people attended because of those listings but I'll be sure to pay more attention next time so I can let you know :)

  4. A. Smith, thank you so much! LOL! Candies worked really well :-) as well as my business cards and handouts with my bio. Organizers of the show did a really great job advertising the event! I posted on facebook, my blog, twitter and some local places.... may try next time some other ways and ideas ... :-) But I am very happy I gave it a shot! Happy Holidays!

  5. Happy Holidays to you as well. I hope Santa is very good to you this year :)