Sunday, August 22, 2010

Artist James Day & "Art of Day" Website

I am very happy and honored to introduce very talented and diverse artist and sculptor, James Day. James Day is also a founder of "Art of Day" website, which is dedicated to promoting emerging visual artists working in all mediums and styles. Please visit James Day's website to learn more about the artist:

If you are interested to know more about "Art of Day" website or would like to apply to be featured, please go to:

Here is what the artist has to say about himself and his art:

"I'm a sculptor specializing in abstract & surreal art who also enjoys painting, drawing, illustration, graphic design, web design, working with wood, metal, wire, pastels, chalk, gouasch, as well as various mixed media. I lean heavily towards sculpture and working with clay though, because I grew up with it being the son of a talented sculptor. So most of what you will see of mine will be 3 dimensional sculpture and high bas relief sculpture, and maybe a little painting which reinforces the series I'm working on..

My most recent carvings were started back in January 2010 and is composed mainly of a series of relief masks. This series of abstract masks pick up on a previous relief sculpture I did a dozen years earlier called Life Cycle, a high bas relief sculpture and limited edition of 25. The original Life Cycle series is currently still open with just under a dozen available. One of the Life Cycle limited editions was donated to a charity auction to raise money for the Phoenix Children's Hospital prior to its construction. Most of the others were given to friends and family..

I took a lengthy break from sculpting to start what ended up being an ongoing 8 year business venture in software development. Once I started the business, my personal time went out the window. Averaging 18 hour days back to back week after week for years from that point on pretty much forced any ambitions I had for my art to the side. When I finally got back into my personal sculpting again this last winter, I wanted to pick up where I left off. Over the years I've had an endless number of ideas of how I could continue with the Life Cycle series. The images you see here are just a few of those ideas. The series is a work in progress, so expect a lot more to come as I find the balance between managing my business and my art."

I hope you enjoyed this feature :-) Have a wonderful week! Helen

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