Saturday, July 3, 2010

HJM Art Gallery Blog: Designer Cat Houses

I would like to share with you my newest discovery: Super-strong, eco-friendly, configurable, designer CAT HOUSES! These amazing houses are made of heavy-duty, 100% recycled double-walled cardboard and colored with 100% soy based inks. They are also 100% recyclable! Amazing product that will make your cat very happy!

I really like the idea of rearrangement to keep your cats interested and entertained. Multiple cats can play together or take a break inside the box. And you can add boxes to their play area over time. You can also get accessories like Cat House Pillow, Cat House Crawl Tube and others.

To learn more about this fantastic product, please visit Catty Stacks website: or become Catty Stacks fan on facebook:

I hope you enjoyed this feature and adorable models in the
pictures :-)



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  2. What fun! My cats would love this. I can just see them poking their little heads out of the holes :D

  3. Omg - my kittens would go crazy with those! What a great idea!

  4. I kinda want to buy a cat just to have a reason to get those. lol

  5. SARAH, Lauren, Beth thank you so very much for your comments! I am happy you enjoyed this post! Fantastic product! :-)