Wednesday, May 5, 2010

HJM Art Gallery Blog:
Satin and Birch Gift Soap Shop

I am absolutely blown away by this fantastic shop:! I ordered "Happy Mom's Day Soap" as a mother's day gift for my mom (she doesn't know about it yet :-) I received my order today! And not only the soaps are stunningly beautiful and gift packaging is incredible, but also the service is really first class: great communication and super fast shipping! Thank you so much, Les! I will try to match the color of the real roses to your beautiful soaps roses (hope I can find the shade)!

I hope you enjoy this post and visit this great etsy shop!


  1. Well, aren't you afraid that your mother reads this blog? :)
    Mine does, so I had to post an article about one gift for her after I gave it to her :)

  2. Škorčica, actually I was thinking about it, but I know for sure she is too busy right now, so chances are too small :-)