Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tree Of Knowledge – A short fiction
story based on my art!

Dear friends, fans and followers! I would like to share with you this beautiful short fiction story written by an INCREDIBLY TALENTED writer Mrunal Shah! This smart and meaningful story is written based on my original painting "Tree of knowledge"! I am so blown away and excited to share it with everyone! This is an example of a fantastic creative cooperation of two creative fields: art and writing! I hope you enjoy this story and visit http://www.shortstorybook.net for more great romantic, children, love and fiction stories!

"Tree Of Knowledge – A short fiction story

Rohan, the class 6th curious denizen was a bit of lost figure. Quite an irregular at the school he formed one of those averagely inclined class students. For him studying was a second nature, beside geography and his new found love with science, as a subject. He almost hated all the other subjects. But school being a …well! School, he had to thoroughly concentrate on whatever that was being taught to him in that sixth graders class. Among all the 54 students, he was rather infamous among the teachers and …"
Please go here to read the full story.

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