Sunday, April 18, 2010

Featured shop: LuvToSparkLe

I am so very happy and honored to introduce etsy shop owned by my great etsy friend and my best art collector, Sharon.

Sharon's shop features beautiful necklaces with pearls and crystals, resin jewelry and more! Her fun, colorful and bold rings, hair accessories, earrings and bracelets are designed to make you SparkLe!

Q. How did you hear about Etsy?
A. I honestly can't remember! Once I decided to start making jewelry I spent a lot of time on the internet... I wasn't sure where to start or what to make. I am betting I came across it during all that research :)

Q. What made you decide to sell on Etsy?
A. Well once I found Etsy I know it was clear that this was THE place that people sold their handmade goodies. I remember getting sucked in and spending hours on Etsy searching through all the beautiful things people created! I knew this was the best place to start.

Q. How did you originally get into handmade jewelry and, specifically, into handmade resin jewelry?
A. A trip to Disneyland, I visited a little shop in downtown Disney and fell in love with all the unique jewelry in the shop! And ever since then I've been creating my own pieces :) I wasn't sure where to start, I love string beads but I also wanted to create pieces completely unique. After hours on the internet I discovered resin, there were endless possibilities! Molds gave way to so many different shapes, glitter gave endless options of bright colors, and the fact that you can place just about anything inside or out made me realize I have to try this stuff!

Q. What motivates and inspires you to create?
A. Bright colors, my friends getting excited and telling me oh you have to try and make this or that, and the compliments people give me when I wear my own pieces :) It feels great to know people enjoy what you make :)

Q. What is your best advice for new Etsy sellers?
A. If you want to do something, do it! If it's what you enjoy, then it wont matter what others think, or if you make it big, don't let anyone tell you what you can or can't do :) Go create!

Thank you so very much, Sharon, for this wonderful interview!

I am inviting everyone to visit Sharon's creative etsy shop and check out her beautiful creations!


  1. Great shop to feature Helen, I just hearted it - love her pearl pieces :D

  2. Nice Interview!!! I will visit the store :)
    Maria Palito

  3. Very nice interview and store! I love seeign all of the creative minds out there! Good work!

  4. Maria Palito and LeksiDesigns, thank you so very much for visiting my blog and reading the interview!