Monday, March 22, 2010


Title: Cats - Three Cute 12x12 inch Original Art Paintings on Canvas - Total size 36x12 inches

Introducing my new painting: Cats! I LOVE cats. There is something about them that I can really relate to. Unfortunately, my husband is allergic to both cats and dogs, so we ended up with guinea pigs :-) We don't have them now, but had two couples over the years. All I can say about guinea pigs: SMART, SMART and VERY, VERY LOVABLE! So, technically, I consider myself a cat and a guinea pig person :-)

This painting depicts three cats:
Dreaming cat with half-moon
Enlightened cat with apple of wisdom
Cat in love with red hearts

Cats! They are so cute! They sit next to your door patiently waiting for the door to open or are they? These adorable paintings would delight any cat lover for sure :-)

Find a perfect place for them in your home: living room, office, bedroom or kids room! Versatile arrangement: hang them together or separately. Dreaming cat, Enlightened cat and Cat in love make also a wonderful gift!

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  1. This painting is so very cute Helen, love the mixed colours of the backgrounds, lovely job - these will be snapped up quick smart I think :D

  2. Thank you, Val! I really LOVE this style! And it's fun to work with this SUPER CUTE subject matter :-)

  3. I am sure this cute painting will sell fast. My family are all allergic to animals as well so unfortunately ours are all stuffed i.e. teddy bears ha! ha!

  4. Got It From My Mama, teddy bears are fan too :-) If my husband wouldn't be allergic, I would have soooo many cats!

  5. the colors are superb in this piece and harmonize well with each other. awesome!