Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Paintings, New Style

Introducing my new Original Acrylic Paintings titled "Tree of Dreams" 18"x24"x1.5" and "New Beginnings" 16"x20". Both paintings are from my Tree of Life series.

Both paintings are "one of a kind" artworks. The style of these artworks is a bit different than the style of my older paintings. The technique, however, remains the same and can be easily recognized. I used a bit softer, pastel palette which resulted is a more ethereal, aerial feel and look. Also, the shapes of trees are a bit more delicate and more realistic looking. I love the soft purple, beige and blue colors. I am planning on creating more paintings in this style.

Without overly promoting, I must say the paintings look fantastic in any interior: traditional or modern. Perfect decor for living room, bedroom, office or kids' room. Visit my etsy HJM Art Gallery Shop to see more beautiful original art and prints.

Thank you!

♥ Helen


  1. these make me smile - they are gorgeous!

  2. I love it , as you said it has a dreamy like atmosphere, the colors and the technique are wonderful

  3. Lo Christine, saffery moore, TheJoyofColor thank you soooo very much for appreciating my art! :-)

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