Sunday, February 21, 2010

Figure Skating

As some of you already know I love figure skating, actually I am very passionate about it (as well as my art) :-) I love the speed and the feeling of freedom the skating brings. In the above picture are my beautiful white skates, which I didn't have an opportunity to use yet this season. But I am still planning to go to the ring :-)

I grew up in Russia and my figure skating boots were like my second shoes. I remember always to have them on :-). I also remember my sore feet and many bruises and bumps along the way. But these experiences were so much fun! I took a formal figure skating class and learned many different figures.

As a 9 year old I was participating in a competition. And took the 10th place. Oh well, it was a very heartbreaking experience since there were only 10 kids participating....and I had to fell right in the middle of my performance :( I was very disappointed for a very long time. My parents told me that it was an honorable 10th place but it didn't make any difference. But I got my big chocolate gold medal anyways.

This time, I am not following Olympic games as closely as I did in previous years. But I did watch the men's competition.
Evan Lysacek vs Evgeni Plushenko was an interesting one to watch. In my opinion, Evan Lysacek's performance was way better than Plushenko's. I also don't think that a single quad jump should determine a winner. There are so many other things the judges are looking for in a skater's performance. So, Congratulations to Evan Lysacek!

Hope you enjoyed this post :-)

♥ Helen


  1. I can skate but only in circles your skates look so nice and new my skates were borrowed but it didn't matter it didn't stop me enjoying myself. Glad you got your chocolate prize. Nice post

  2. Got It From My Mama, thank you so very much for your comment! My skates have some scratches on the other side :-) but they are pretty new ..... I really wish I had more time to use them... it doesn't really matter if the skates are used or new as long as you are having fun :-) Before I got these skates, I used to rent skates right in the ring.....