Monday, September 7, 2009

Opening a second shop: Pros and Cons

After a long consideration, I finally, opened my second shop called "HJM Gifts" on Etsy. In this new shop, you will find wearable art pendants, pictures frames, prints etc....for under $50.

In my old shop, you will find ONLY ORIGINAL ART paintings: HJM Art Gallery

While considering the change I thought about cons and pros of this decision. I would like to share them with you if you are thinking about the second shop.

1. Removes the clutter from your shop. In my case, I had too many different items (and sections) for sale with too many different prices. One can argue that it is, actually, a good thing to offer such a variety, but when the gap in prices are too great, it becomes confusing for the buyer based on my experience.

2. Focus. My original shop now offers ONLY original art and nothing else. It has a focus and it is easier for the buyer to concentrate, look around and make decisions. I really like this a lot! I also noticed that many successful shops have this feature. They don't mix prints with originals, for example.

3. Price uniformity. My original shop now has somewhat uniform pricing. No big gaps. The HJM Gifts shop (the second shop) has items under $50 which are a lot more affordable for a lot more people. And all of these affordable items are in one place.

4. More exposure. Having two shops, in my opinion, give more exposure to your items. Make sure you cross-reference your shops in your shop Announcements. Include URLs.

1. Management time. Two shops=double management time. It will, obviously, take more time to take care of two shops instead of one. The question is: do you have the time?

2. Promotion. LOL! Now I have to promote two shops! This takes time too.

3. Zero feedback/Zero sales. Oh, no! I have no feedback in my second shop and can't transfer it from my original shop. I have to start all over. I do mention my positive feedback rating in my new shop's announcement, but to have some would be much better. More work in this area.

4. Hearts and Views are gone from the items I transferred to my new shop.

5. Etsy fees for two shops.

This post is open for discussion :) I would love to hear your opinion!


  1. Hi Helen, sounds like you have been very busy, but productive so that is great - I agree with all the pros and cons you blogged about above, I only ever had one etsy shop, but I was also selling on eBay and Zibbet at the same time - so promoting 3 shops (with identical items in all three) was getting too time consuming!!!

    In the end, I downsized - I now only have the Zibbet shop as Etsy has been on vacation mode for weeks now (and thats the way it is going to stay) and I downright refuse to sell on eBay where the listing fees are astronomical, whether you sell or not! Hit and miss, for sure.

    So far, so good, with my Zibbet shop - I had 5 sales in one week which was a great start.

    I wish you lots of luck with your two Etsy shops - dont worry, your work is so very lovely, you will get the feedback and the hearts in your new shop before you know it :D

  2. I just opened my 2nd shop today. You posting has really helped me. Thank you so very much.