Sunday, September 13, 2009

New painting in my shop! "Waiting..."

Listing: Original Bird, Cat Tree Sunrise Landscape Painting, Red, Blue, Pink - Waiting...

There was a cat named Simon. He loved to be outdoors smelling the flowers and chasing the birds....He lived in a little house with a very nice family: Mom, Dad and a little Boy. One day, Simon saw a beautiful red bird on a curly tree. And the bird saw Simon. Simon was a very patient cat, so he decided to sit and wait for the bird to come down......

LOL! I had fun with this painting! I LOVE cats! There is actually a cat named "Simon" in my neighborhood. His owner (and his friend) told me that Simon pretty much already leaved all his 9 lives :) His injured eye is a clear reminder of his adventures. But his spirits are high and he hasn't lost his cattitude!

I hope you enjoy this painting and maybe take it home one day :) or just visit my shops:


  1. Hey Helen, another lovely painting - love your style and the complimentary colours you use on your paintings - well done my buddy xo

    ps love the kitty cat under the tree :D

  2. Love the whole painting! The movement, colors, and the whimsical ambiance rendered by the swirls and the cat make it so amusing and captivating.