Thursday, April 2, 2009

This is SO CUTE!

I listed today these beautiful ORIGINAL ACEOs paintings.
They are SO CUTE!

The bird painting is NOT an ACEO, but mini artwork measuring
3" x 5" x 0.5"

These ACEOs are painted on a stretched canvas. Sides are painted in black, ready to hang. Just like the big artworks.
ACEOs (Art Card Editions and Originals) are 2.5 inch by 3.5 inch collectable works of art. (the size of traditional trading cards)
Miniature art is one of the hottest new trends in art collecting. It has become an increasingly popular way to collect original art from artists around the world at very reasonable prices.
Interestingly, the time it takes to create the little ACEO painting is as long as the bigger size painting. The only difference is the price.


  1. These are really cute....I love your paintings.

  2. Very very cute ... would look amazing hung in a group!