Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Simon's cat animation

Simon Tofield's animated films captured attention of millions of YouTube users. I am a HUGE fan! His cats animations reveal a real cattitude of a real cat, in a very subtle and funny way. He recently created a dog animation. Very, very funny! To watch all his video's please visit Simon's official YouTube page:


  1. Thanks for posting this! I remember seeing Simon's cartoons on some British papers a whilst back.... it's so cute!

  2. very cute I actually thot it would end with the cat not coming in at all.
    Such stinkersLOL

  3. Ha ha! My cats would be totally mesmerized by this--they love Animal Planet. Perhaps I'll show it to them.


  4. oh my gosh is that not the truth!! Stupid cats are always like this! lol. Don't get me wrong...I love EVERY animal there is out there - but thats exactly what they do! You open the door...and they just stand there. Testy little guys!