Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Women Artists

Let’s talk about women artists. There are many talented women artists selling their art on the Internet today. Internet opened the door to all fine artists, but particularly to women.

Many professional women, mothers and students can now showcase to the world their artistry. For many, it is a hobby; for many others it is a way of making a living or an additional income. But for all, it is a passion!

In the 21st century, art collectors support original art regardless of the artist’s gender. Art patrons are more concerned about colors, subject matter, etc…

However, throughout history, many great women artists were in the shadows of their successful male counterparts.

One of the best examples that come to mind is Camille Claudel. Claudel was an incredibly talented woman sculptor in her own right. “The famous art critic Octave Mirbeau wrote she was "A revolt against nature: a woman genius". (Wikipedia). However, her name is usually comes up in the discussions about Rodin.

Claudel’s “early work is similar to Rodin's in spirit, but shows an imagination and lyricism quite her own, particularly in the famous Bronze Waltz (1893).” (Wikipedia).

Committed by her brother and mother, Camille Claudel died on 19 October 1943, after having lived 30 years in the asylum at Montfavet (known then as the Asile de Montdevergues, now the modern psychiatric hospital Centre Hospitalier de Montfavet) (Wikipedia). Her tragic life reminds me a bit of Vincent van Gogh’s.

Another example is Lee Krasner. An influential abstract expressionist painter who married artist Jackson Pollock and became known as “Pollock’s wife.” “Unfortunately for Krasner, the climate of the times was not receptive to a woman who painted in such an assertive style as Abstract Expressionism” (Living with art, Rita Gilbert/William McCarter p.440)

But all is changed today! Women paint in any style or medium they choose and present their creations to the world.

Fortunately today, for women artists like myself, the bias is in the past and each and every creative woman artist is respected for her talent.

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  1. Great article! And Abstract Expressionism was actually one of the things I went through with my pupils today...

  2. I agree, great article. My favorite female artists are Mary Cassatt, and Artemisia Gentileschi - who was respected as an artist way back in the early 1600s i believe because her father was a painter as well but I could be wrong.

  3. Sad but true that women artist usually do not get the acclaim that their male counterparts have.

  4. It's nice to see that more and more female artists are starting to emerge as front leaders in the art world. Who knows how many female masters the world has missed out on!

  5. It's true what you say about woman artists getting more recognition, however there is still significant gender inequality in the art world. After seeing the large difference in the representation of men versus women in last year's Sydney Biennale I started keeping count of the number of women versus men showcased in local art exhibitions (including commercial galleries, which turn out to have the worst record!). It's an ongoing project but I've been posting the results on my blog:

    Good to know there are others out there interested in the issue!

  6. This is a lovely post. Thanks for posting those things they are unknown to a lot of people but they are so important....

    Keep up the good job