Friday, March 27, 2009

Featured Shop: jiorji's Tangled Threads

Thank you very much Georgie for taking the time to answer a few questions about your etsy business: jiorji's Tangled Threads.

Q. How did you hear about Etsy?
A. Actually, I don't remember how I heard about esty. I just stumbled accross this wonderful group of creative people while trying to selfishly promote what I make.

Q. What made you decide to sell on Etsy?
A. WEll my life goal is to eventually be a working artist, no matter what that is, I want to live off of what I create because in my mind, that's the most sincere and happy way for myself to make a living. Also it gives me great satisfaction to sell my little creations to people who appreciate handmade truly unique items. I'd love to run into a person on the street one day and notice them wearing one of my accessories or clothes.

Q. How did you originally get into textile art?
A. HA! I am not a textile artist. I am a studio arts (2 credits short) almost graduate and part of the graduate requirements is to take 6 art history classes. I've always hated art history and the selection of courses is really limitted and I was stuck taking this textile art history class last semester and...failed it. Because i absolutely don't see "crafts" as "art". I am a painter, and a ceramic artist and a photographer, but not a textile artist. But ironically enough, I absolutely LOVE working with fabric and seeing other people's creative textile creations on etsy. I guess I am somewhat of a hypocrite and have become a textile artist in some way.

Q. What motivates you to create?
A. Everything. I can't not create. Making things has always been a way for me to keep myself busy when nobody was there to play with me as a child. And now, creating is part of everything I do whether I do it with someone else or alone, or if it's just a way for me to communicate and represent what I love in this world and in my life. I'm shy but art creates a bridge to new people I meet. Motivation to create comes from wanting to speak to those new people I meet.

Q. What is your best advice for new etsy sellers?
A. Be original. Don't search around and copy. Do your own thing and participate in the forums.

Q. And on a personal note: how many pets do you have?
A. I have 3 pets. 2 cats and a guinea pig. Getting a small dog soon ;)

Thank you very much, Georgie.


  1. Great's so nice to see other artists featured...she does beautiful work also.

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