Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How I create my pouring paintings?

About a year ago, I was invited by Los Gatos Art Association (California) to demonstrate my unusual painting technique, which I call Unique Acrylic Pouring Technique.™ This presentation was recorded and uploaded to YouTube. And, now I would like to share it with you.

Most of my art is created by using my Unique Acrylic Pouring Technique.™ This technique comes to life when the acrylic paint is mixed with water and, literally, poured onto the canvas, creating free-flowing shapes and forms. Unlike many other artists, I do not pour directly from a painting container, but carefully mix my colors in the disposable plastic cups. So, basically, I premix all the colors I need first and then pour them onto the canvas. This way, I completely concentrate on my artwork and don’t worry about the mixing part.

The effects of the painting depend on the paint consistency. The more water I use, the more liquid is the mixture and the more difficult is to control the pouring.

I hope you enjoy my presentation! If you have any questions about my technique, feel free to contact me. ☺

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  1. Helen,
    It was very interesting watching you create your amazing painting! Thank you for sharing. Jess